Board of Directors


Susan Gay (email)

Jennifer Duncan (email)

Mark Saunders (email)

Pam Baker (email)




Charlie Browne (email)

Vice President
Jon Worthington (email)

Steve Curson (email)

Lee Roy Candelaria (email)


2017 Meetings

Board Meetings
All Board meetings are open to the public and are held at: CAMP Rehoboth, 37 Baltimore Avenue. 

Date                    Time                

February 18  9:00 AM          
March 18      9:00 AM            
April 15         Immediately following Membership meeting
May 20         9:00 AM            
June 17          9:00 AM               
July 15           9:00 AM                
September 29:00 AM               
October 21  Immediately following Membership meeting 
December 30 9:00 AM              

Special Events
April 15            Spring RBHA membership meeting, CAMP Rehoboth, 10:00 AM
July 28            (tentative) RBHA-sponsored Candidate Forum at Camp Rehoboth, Time: 6:30 PM
September 24 RBHA 5th Annual Picnic, Grove Park, Rehoboth, Time: noon - 2:30 PM
October 21    Fall RBHA membership meeting, New City Hall, 229 Rehoboth Avenue, 10:00 AM

Minutes of Previous Meetings


Information on by-laws can be found by clicking here.