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SPECIAL City Meeting

Saturday, January 5, 2019

A Town Hall was held regarding a proposed transfer of our Wastewater Treatment Plan to Sussex County. In December, we sent several documents to our members explaining the proposed transition and provided formulas so that they could compare their current sewer bills with the proposed county rates. You can find the documents here and here.

We received responses from over 60 members and presented those findings at the Town Hall. See our final report to the Mayor & Commissioners here.

Please continue to let us know what you think so that we can present the views of our members to the Commissioners.  Send us an email at:   You may also contact the Commissioners directly via the City's website:

Refuse, Recycling, and Yard Waste Collections

On April 4, 2016, the Commissioners adopted an ordinance to amend Chapter 227 - Solid Waste of the Municipal Code related to waste collection. The issue came to their attention because residential refuse is set out too far in advance of collection day, including on Saturdays when refuse is predominantly generated by rental houses. In addition, residential refuse, yard waste, and recycling containers are not removed from the street/curbside in a timely manner. These two factors have resulted in unsightly trash on our residential neighborhoods that can also leach out into the streets and attract vermin. The new ordinance establishes and codifies a timeline for setting out refuse for collection and for retrieval of containers after pick-up. A valet service is being offered, on a trial basis and at extra cost, to enable homeowners to have their waste and recyclables picked up outside of the normal City collection schedule. You can find the Fact Sheet/FAQs here, photos here, the complete ordinance here, and the City Manager's letter to homeowners here. In addition, RBHA has prepared a Resource List of local valet services that will take your trash cambs to the curb and back, along with other Sussex county facilities available for solid waste and recycling drop-off. 

In July 2016, RBHA sought input from members and sent all suggestions and feedback to the Commissioners for consideration.  

UPDATE 2018: The Recycling Center at 37540 Oyster House Road is now open! This facility is open only to City of Rehoboth Beach property owners and businesses. year-round operation from 7 AM - 3 PM except Wed, Sun and holidays. Must show proof of residence with local RB address and driver's license, or current business license showing physical location within city limits. Call City Hall with any questions: 302-227-6181.

Business District Topics

New Charter Bus Rules

The Commissioners adopted new rules for charter buses effective summer, 2018. Citing the congestion caused by charter buses using the end of Rehoboth Avenue at the restrooms, the drop-off and loading location was changed to the parking lot at City Hall. At this location, there are two paid bus parking spaces as no buses are permitted to park on the street in the city. Buses also may not be left running while parked in the reserved parking spaces mirroring a "No Idle" resolution adopted by the Commissioners in years past.

Restaurant Size

Restaurants where alcoholic liquor is sold or consumed on the premises previously had size limitations, whereby the sum of all floor areas including dining and bar areas as well as kitchen and restroom areas.  Newly adopted size limitations are now based only on the dining and bar areas, in order to give restaurant owners more flexibility to enlarge. The new ordinance provides for unlimited size restrictions for non-public areas such as kitchen storage areas, and restrooms. 

Brewery-Pubs in Rehoboth Beach

Brewery-pubs are now permitted in the City!  A recently adopted ordinance establishes conditions for operation of brewery-pubs in commercial zones. 

Full text of ordinances can be found here:


Community-Wide Topics

Rehoboth Drawbridge Work Starts in Fall

DelDOT will begin working on the Rehoboth Drawbridge on Rehoboth Avenue over the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal in the fall of 2018, to be completed by fall 2019. The existing drive system of the drawbridge is outdated and needs mechanical and electrical upgrades and structural repairs. Addressing these issues will extend the life and improve the operation of the bridge. This project involves repairs to the steel grid deck and concrete deck, steel superstructure, alignment system and existing substructure. There will be occasional lane shifts and detours at night. Detours will only be done outside the peak summer tourist season. 

Year-Round Rules for Umbrellas on the Beach

The City has approved a change to its beach regulations that restricts use of tents, canopies, and other large shading devices except umbrellas and baby tents. See more details on the City website here. 

The adoption of the new law was driven by public safety concerns and is meant to promote safety from fires and eliminate the number of tents on the beach.  This decision has been made to keep beachgoers safe while allowing emergency personnel the ability to navigate our beaches in case of an emergency. From a public safety standpoint, the ever-growing popularity of the beach tents in certain locations in the beach area makes it difficult for an EMS unit or other emergency responders to get through this line of tents to the beach and water in a timely manner.

More Accessible Beach Mats

For many years, the two ADA compliant dune crossings at Maryland and Laurel Avenues have had specialized mats to allow those with walking disabilities or in wheelchairs to access the beach. In response to the popularity of these mats, the city has installed more mats at other locations, such as Baltimore and Delaware Avenues. Although the dune crossing locations other than at Maryland and Laurel are not ADA compliant, the additional mats are proving easier for everyone to navigate the sandy and sometime steep dune crossings.

Lake Avenue Streetscape

Now complete and open! The  project included a minor realignment of the street, elimination of parking on one side, installation of 5-foot wide pervious sidewalks for the full length of the street on both sides and improved street lighting. New street trees were added in specially placed bump-outs. Additionally, there was some relocation of utility poles and upgrading of the existing drainage system on Lake Avenue.  For any questions or concerns, please contact the City of Rehoboth Beach Communications Department at 302-227-2772 or email

New City Hall Complex 

The new City Hall opened on September 25, 2017. The parking lot on the east side of the convention hall and City Hall has also been completed and landscaped. It includes a new pedestrian pathway to Baltimore Avenue. The  parking lot on the west side of the building is renovated but is only for use of the police and city personnel -- not the public. 

Earlier, we reported that the City has been able to secure a bond in the maximum principal amount of up to $18 million at a fixed interest rate of only 2.375% for a 25-year loan period. This equates to a savings of approximately $123,000/year and $3 million over the life of the loan. See our most recent Fact Sheet about costs of building the City Hall Complex.

The new Parking Department building construction was completed on schedule and within budget in 2016.