“Cities and regions that thrive in the 21st Century will be identified by their lively neighborhoods and business districts, cultural and recreational attractions, great sense of place, protected natural areas, and pride in local character.” So begins the Comprehensive Development Plan, mandated and approved by the State of Delaware, which serves as the blueprint for the future growth and management of resources in Rehoboth Beach.

The City of Rehoboth Beach is a one-square-mile wooded seaside community located in the mid-Atlantic. Despite its small size, it is the largest beach community in the state of Delaware. 

For over 25 years, Rehoboth has been recognized as a Tree City USA town by the Arbor Day Foundation, an honor it has held longer than any other town in the state except Dover. Trees are a defining characteristic of our city, one of the primary attributes that sets it apart from other coastal communities. In addition to their physical beauty, trees reduce costs for stormwater management and erosion control, provide habitat for birds and other wildlife, and contribute to the economic prosperity of the City and the health, safety and welfare of its citizens. 

Rehoboth Beach has been called “a town within a town.”  It has two active sets of users –residents and visitors – as both a residential community and a resort. The City is noted for its walkability, traditional neighborhood ambience, businesses, fine dining, and top-quality beaches. It is also a dog-friendly, safe and charming community of full- and part-time residents who have worked together over the years to assure that Rehoboth thrives. 

Our community is comprised of several distinct neighborhoods.  The Pines is a heavily wooded area north of Rehoboth Avenue, known for its abundant pine trees that reach almost to the ocean. South Rehoboth is a picturesque oceanfront community just south of Rehoboth Avenue, east of Scarborough Avenue and north of Silver Lake, with tree-lined streets and cozy cottages. Country Club Estates, between Scarborough Avenue and State Road, was home to a golf course until it was subdivided and developed into a residential area in the 1970s.  Schoolvue is at the southern edge of the City and is a quiet residential neighborhood clustered around the edge of Silver Lake and Rehoboth Elementary School, where the community gets its name.  Throughout the City, shaded streets, parks, and lakes enhance our neighborhoods.

Last year, 2016, marked the 125th anniversary of the City’s incorporation as a municipality. Our government is comprised of a Board of Commissioners, including six Commissioners and the Mayor who are elected for three-year terms.  In addition, the City has a number of other commissions and committees whose members are appointed. Over the years, citizens have been actively involved in city government, and in community activism. This tradition of citizen involvement has been key to maintaining and protecting the character of the City. For more information on our City government, visit the official City website at www.cityofrehoboth.com

Rehoboth Beach has been recognized numerous times over the years as one of America’s best small coastal towns. Our Farmer’s Market has also been named one of the best of its kind. Currently, Rehoboth Beach is in the running for America’s Happiest Seaside Town, having been selected as one of the ten finalists by Coastal Living magazine. 

You can read more about the history of Rehoboth Beach here: http://www.cityofrehoboth.com/visitors/about-rehoboth-beach